Sunday, September 11, 2011

Make Money Online With Adbrite

After my long hours of search, I found one good site that will earn you good income was LinkWorth but there is something that I forgot to say you people. I tried Adbrite and I did earn money with them. But I have not yet received any payouts from them. I earned some 20$ with them and requested for a check. That will be processed only after three months. I hope they pay me or else they will be under the scam list. So, time has to answer this question. Still I would like to provide a review on them stating the advantages and disadvantages.
They offer different types of Ad formats namely- Text Ads, Banner Ads, Full Page Ads, Inline Text Ads and also a joint venture with BritePic they offer money for the photos uploaded in your blog. It is to be noted that this company is well established and there fore you may hope that they are not a scam. You can a look at the picture for the amount of impressions and sites registered with them. The major advantage is that they will include your site in their directory and this will make the advertiser know better about your site and more over, it will increase the traffic for your site. And you can set your own minimum payout. That is something interesting.

Now all that is over, what is the disadvantage with them??? The ads that appear on your site are inappropriate. If you had visited my site earlier, it showed video ads that were completely unrelated to the content in mine. Next, you earn very little money with them. I mention this only for sites with a less traffic. The number of inline text ads will be more but it will annoy the user who is reading them. These are some of the bitter experiences with Adbrite. If they pay me, I will let you all know so that you make money online with your blog.

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